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Friday, January 6, 2012

Eczema....TREAT THE ROOTS!!! (mini-series part 2 1/2)

*Disclaimer* This is my opinion based on research and our experience! It will probably rub people the wrong way or annoy some because they disagree, but this is my media ;)

The body is created to run synergistically in every way. It relies on certain nutrients, vitamins, minerals and exercise. Our blueprints formed by our genes are what determines the success in which our individual body gets the job done with no pain or issues. We live in a world that has evolved into something very different than the one in which our bodies were designed to encounter. This causes many kinks in the systems. Eczema is not normal, it is not something that just happens that we have to live with and patch up as it flares. It is the body telling us that something is out of line. Whether this be a genetic malformation, a deficiency of some sort or damage by an outside factor. The two genetic possibilities that I have found are the fillagrin deficiency and MTHFR mutation, both of which I have posted links about. The environmental factor that I have found is the use of Aluminum in vaccines as an adjuvant, which I have also posted about. These are all things that should be explored while treating!

An allergist, as described in the first part of this post, is a shot in the dark without thorough treatment of the gut. It is essential to heal the gut and aid in digestion to decrease reactivity to food as well as environmental factors. The skin barrier theory goes hand in hand in what happens to the gut in allergic people. Damage is done to the gut and foods are more likely to pass through and cause a reaction.  It is impossible to make any permanent changes without changing the way you eat and healing the gut.  The majority of foods on the shelves of our grocers are very close to plastic in make up and if not they are most likely GM and if not then they are processed to the point of cardboard and synthetic nutrients are added. These types of food are not suitable for maintaining life let alone healing!!! A whole food, nutrient dense diet is essential.

Supplements to research for aiding in the journey:
digestive enzymes
vitamin d3
vitamins A,C,E
Vitamin B's
fish, flax, hemp oil

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