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Friday, September 26, 2014

Acne, Eczema and Krill oil.....hmmmm?

Since the beginning of our journey I have thought that maybe whatever was causing my acne flare ups maybe what is causing J's eczema flare ups. I have recently begun seeing a new doctor who took more blood from me than Dracula would have taken from an open vein. He tested a whole host of things and found that my homocystein levels were high. This makes sense given my heterozygous status for MTHFR. He recommended that I take a probiotic, b complex, D3 and krill oil. I have taken all of these things at one time or anther with the exception of krill. It has really made all the difference. I have started the girls on the D3 and probiotics on a more consistent basis, they have always taken them to some degree. Now we are religious about remembering them. We are seeing much improvement and I have moved towards finding a kid version of the krill and b complex. I must take a specific B due to my malformation and I will post an affiliate link to the krill and b complex I take. My face is so clear and I have high hopes that it may help the girls.

Krill oil:

B Complex:

Pickles, Kraut and the Gut....

Who knew that real homemade pickles and saurkraut where such powerhouses? I sure didn't until I was introduced to the GAPS diet by Dr. Natasha McBride. I have been obsessed with consuming literature by this woman as well as listening to her interviews. If you have ever heard of the GAPS diet you probably already know about this beautiful source of live and active cultures found in these powerhouse jars of fermented goodness. I however did not. I was raised on the Standard American Diet and had no idea that the gross smelling mush that my dad put on his bratwurst was packed full of gut healing goodness.
I have tried two times to ferment my own kraut and pickles, but I can't seem to perfect the art. I will have to call in the reserves to learn in person. In the mean time I buy mine from Bubbies and my oldest daughter gobbles it up!!

For more on the GAPS diet:

For more on Bubbies:

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

NAET Friend or Foe....

About 8 months ago my BFF called me over to her house because they had a friend visiting that I "just had to meet." I rushed over to her house to meet this person who knew a doctor that is indescribably good. I sat and listened and was immediately turned off when I heard "muscle testing." I had done muscle testing, I had been to this type of doctor and he turned out to be the same old. Well a couple months went by and I couldn't stop thinking about the passion in which this guy spoke about his doctor. I called and made an appointment for myself. I knew I wouldn't rest until I tried. After all, there are good doctors and bad ones in every specialty. Well this doctor's specialty is NAET. If you have never heard of NAET you will have to look it up because it is too detailed and too confusing to run through. I still don't fully understand what is going on when I am going for treatments. ;-)

The office visit finally came and I sat down with the doc. I instantly loved him. He listened with interest to all of my concerns and was even very interested in my "hypothesis". He ordered a ton of blood work and spent an extreme amount of time going over it all. I wanted to start with myself because I felt like J is always the guinea pig and it is impossible to fully know, through her, if something is successful. I had horrible acne and have always felt that our family's skin issues are interrelated through inflammation.

After all the testing, we started "treatment". He was treating me for all of the foods that I tested weak too. Meanwhile he had me on krill oil, D3, a Methyl B complex and a pro biotic. My skin was sprinting to clarity! I couldn't believe my eyes. I am certainly still a skeptic and am flabbergasted as to how it is working, but it is clearly working for me! I ONLY break out when I consume the triggers that he has yet treated me for. Its quite insane. 

Three weeks ago I started taking J to see him, he immediately saw exactly what I described and had instant answers for me. J has always run hot, she has always gotten hives from extreme temperatures. She has also always been super sensitive to everything. He described this as "toxic heat" in terms of Chinese Medicine. He prescribed a kidney tonic saying that she has too much yang and not enough yin. Below is the link:
Again, I am still skeptic, but we played soccer Sunday for a straight hour in long sleeves and pants in a warehouse setting, with no blotching or itchiness. She has had what we call a "glowing face" pretty much consistently since day three of taking a half tsp two times a day. I can't wait to get her blood work and start her on NAET!!! 

We shall see....

Monday, March 3, 2014

Pastured Beef Tallow and Eczema.....

It has been about 3-4 months now since we heard of the idea of using tallow and tried it with our daughters. I am finally comfortable in saying we have seen a HUGE change, in J's skin especially. Where we once saw bone dry alligator skin, we are seeing some major progress in terms of healing. She doesn't mind putting it on because it doesn't burn her at all. I happened to stumble onto this product through my facebook feed from the following site:
She was promoting a company and provided a discount for the following company:
Although I was blown away at the price, I was willing to pay anything to make the dryness disappear. I was super happy with the product and saw an immediate change. We used the totally unscented one and a little really does go a long way!! I will be placing another order soon. I tried another vendor and was not as pleased with their product so I will definitely be paying more for Vintage Traditions!
If interested in making your own they have a great tutorial that I may try using :)