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Thursday, January 5, 2012

It’s eczema…What do I do???? (mini-series 1)

(Sorry for the lack of posting....I needed a vacay :))
I am currently participating in various forums regarding eczema. The forums are made up of people with eczema or parents with children who have eczema. It never fails, once a day someone posts “Help, new here…it is eczema, what do I do.” Every single person is so very nervous at the prospects of what this might bring to their child’s life. They ask themselves…"will she/he always have this, will their face always be rashy, will their skin always look like this, will they ever sleep again, will they be trapped in this skin forever????” The one common response to these questions is NO BODY KNOWS!!!! This is an unfortunate reality and what is even more unfortunate is that there really is no medical outlet for atopic kids. There are outlets to seek treatment, if you want to succumb to steroids, antihistamines, bleach baths, antidepressants and such. But there are very few accessible outlets to help in a journey to find what the cause is of YOUR case of eczema because EVERYONE is different, has different triggers and responds to everything differently. It is a scary diagnosis and in most cases the patient is sent away with no direction and a tool bag with a lot of tubes without a lot of instruction. So I am going to start a miniseries of what I would do from the get go if I were to receive the eczema diagnosis based on the knowledge I have from OUR journey. This may or may not be helpful. But God gave us these hurdles for a reason and as much as we have to keep searching for a cure for the girls we have to keep searching for the reason. Maybe that reason is to shorten the struggle for someone else that may benefit from skipping some frustration themselves. So here it goes…

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