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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Then and Now

After a seven month hiatus we are back. Life got in my way and I became over whelmed and ready to  lose my mind. J went down hill, m started showing more eczema and I was just discouraged. BUT we started to question everything, challenged foods we thought were safe, found a new Ped and upped her vitamin d. So now we are on a good track! J has been clear for some time, few flares and m is growing like a weed!!! So I will list where we were before the hiatus and after.....
-Three doses of supplements a day: Kirkman lab probiotic gold, cal/mag, vitamin d and digestive enzyme.
- unsure of all food allergies
- at least 1 tsp Xyzal
- three night wakings at least
- parent in bed every night
- constant flared feet, joints and hands
- morning pro biotic, calcium and vitamin d
- food allergies under control
- 1/4 tsp Xyzal maybe once a week
- in own bed every night with no night wakings most nights and only one that can be easily redirected if at all.
- clear more than flared and flares last maybe a day.
We have come a long way with skin and behavior and are so very happy! More details to come!

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