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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Going in circles that lead somewhere!!!!

Today I made a decision that I felt would give me peace. I am constantly obsessing over my health and the health of my family. So today I decided to create a power point presentation regarding the genetic malformation that runs in my family (more to come on that) to present at Easter.  So I started gathering information. In my quest for information regarding MTHFR I stumbled upon something called Pyroluria. What is Pyroluria??? Pyroluria is a genetic blood disorder, a chemical imbalance, involving an abnormality in hemoglobin synthesis. Hemoglobin is a protein in the body, that holds iron in the red blood cells. The complex process regarding this synthesis abnormality results in a deficiency in B6 and zinc. This disorder comes with these symptoms: severe inner tension, ongoing anxiety, poor stress tolerance, digestive issues and difficulty digesting protein, frequent colds and infections, joint pain or stiffness, acne, eczema or psoriasis, mood swings and reactivity and poor short term memory. 

The questionnaire provided by primalbody-primal mind:
1. Little or no dream recall
2. White spots on finger nails
3. Poor morning appetite +/- tendency to skip breakfast
4. Morning nausea
5. Pale skin +/- poor tanning +/- burn easy in sun
6. Sensitivity to bright light
7. Hypersensitive to loud noises
8. Reading difficulties (e.g. dyslexia)
9. Poor ability to cope with stress
10.Mood swings or temper outbursts
11.Histrionic (dramatic) tendency
12.Argumentative/enjoy argument
13.New situations or changes in routine (i.e., traveling) particularly stressful
14.Much higher capability and alertness in the evening, compared to mornings
15.Poor short term memory
16.Abnormal body fat distribution
17.Belong to an all-girl family with look-alike sisters
18.Dry skin
20.Reaching puberty later than normal
21.Difficulty digesting, a dislike of protein or a history of vegetarianism
22.Tendency toward being a loner and/or avoiding larger groups of people
23.Stretch marks on skin
24.Poor sense of smell or taste
25.Feel very uncomfortable with strangers
26.Frequently experience fatigue
27.A tendency to overreact to tranquilizers, barbiturates, alcohol or other drugs (in other words, a little produces a powerful response)
28.A tendency toward anemia
29.History of mental illness or alcoholism in family
30.Easily upset by criticism
31.Sweet smell (fruity odor) to breath or sweat when ill or stressed
32.Prone to acne, eczema or psoriasis
33.A tendency toward feeling anxious, fearful and carrying lifelong inner tension
34.Difficulty recalling past events or people
35.Bouts of depression or nervous exhaustion
36.Prone to frequent colds or infections

Among the highlighted areas above that affect us, in my recent blood test I had high levels of hemoglobin which usually means high iron level. The allergist once prescribed zinc for J's behaviors. These are the connections that I made today that I am kind of excited about because it puts me on another path for discovery. Pyroluria also presents similarly to histadelia which is high histamine, which is what I started out thinking J had. So alas.....the circle that lead somewhere!!

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