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Tuesday, March 12, 2013


When the clock strikes 7:15 the kids get a second wind of hunger. Last night when they requested a snack I created a "new" treat. We have been recently eating an Enjoy Life new cereal that are cute little balls that have the texture of grape nuts, meaning you could break your teeth chewing them! So I put about a 1/4 cup in a bowl and a couple of blueberries and then poured in a tad bit of coconut milk. The kind with only 2 ingredients, not the one in the box, we aren't there yet. The girls were so excited to be eating "cereal". This made me realize that not only has M NEVER eaten a bowl of cereal but J hadn't had one in over 2 years!!! I was so happy. Here I was watching my girls eat something that I never thought they would be able to enjoy! J had a second serving and then ate the remainder of M's because, lets face it, the little lady is picky as she can be (while still being able to eat raw broccoli for fun).
So not only were the girls eating cereal, but they were eating berries with a non-dairy milk!! There was a time, not too long ago, when we couldn't tolerate anything from a package let alone a milk alternative. This was also the time the only fruits on our plates were plums, pears, apples, melons and banana with the occasional grape. Both girls could not have all of these, this is the whole list for both girls included. Now we have added minimal amounts of blueberries, avocado, honey dew and tomato. I have given myself so much more flexibility when cooking and it seems to be going okay so far. But of course when I write it down the jinx is not far after.
Our animal reactions have reduced so much. At the beginning of our journey J wasn't able to be around a dog for more than 5 minutes on her biggest dose of antihistamine. She is now able to spend the day with a dog on 3/4 dose of antihistamine. At one point she would actually react to sitting on someone's lap who owned a dog!!
After this reflection.... all I can do is thank God and all of those in our lives who have given us strength through our long journey. I look at my girls today and smile... for the laughter that my little M brings and the strength I see in my little trouper J. They are a great example to me about what life is all about and have taught me more about myself and LOVE than I could have ever imagined!!


  1. great news!! and so fun to eat cereal!! so glad for you all!!!

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