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Monday, March 3, 2014

Pastured Beef Tallow and Eczema.....

It has been about 3-4 months now since we heard of the idea of using tallow and tried it with our daughters. I am finally comfortable in saying we have seen a HUGE change, in J's skin especially. Where we once saw bone dry alligator skin, we are seeing some major progress in terms of healing. She doesn't mind putting it on because it doesn't burn her at all. I happened to stumble onto this product through my facebook feed from the following site:
She was promoting a company and provided a discount for the following company:
Although I was blown away at the price, I was willing to pay anything to make the dryness disappear. I was super happy with the product and saw an immediate change. We used the totally unscented one and a little really does go a long way!! I will be placing another order soon. I tried another vendor and was not as pleased with their product so I will definitely be paying more for Vintage Traditions!
If interested in making your own they have a great tutorial that I may try using :)

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