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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cookie time....or not :(

I have hit a rut in baking :( What can you do when you can only use GF oat flour, oil, honey, baking soda, cinnamon and apple sauce? Everything tastes the same. I can't get the texture right and they just fall apart. My mother in law made a really great tasting oatmeal cookie Sunday night, but it too didn't stay together too well. It's IMPOSSIBLE!!! I can't get them to bind! Last night I tried to replace my MIL's cookies that we had fininshed and Tom took a bite out of one and the middle half of the cookie fell to the ground!!! Too much flour I guess. We had decided on Sunday that they could use a little more flour, but I added too much! It looked great, smelled great, tasted great raw, big thick delicious looking then.....plop! Eggs how I miss you :(

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