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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hot Dogs!!!

If there is something that makes my 3 year old's eyes light up it is a hot dog! She LOVES hot dogs. The sad part is I can't find a safe one. We were at a health food store the other day and I thought I had found one. She stayed home from school on Monday and we were looking for lunch and she said she REALLY wanted a hot dog. She never asks for anything food related, I think she is just used to eating whatever she is given. But she asked for a hot dog. I remembered the hot dogs at the store and thought we could try them. They didn't even have a lactic acid starter culture listed. So what was the harm???? But.....2 days later she is still an itchy mess!! WTH is in the damn hot dog?!?!?! I was looking at recipes for home made hot dogs from scratch and ewwwww. That may take a little build up for me to get the guts to try that, because literally.....that is what it looks like in the pictorials!!! GUTS! GROSS! Not to mention who has this machinery???? Here are two links for DIY hot dogs. I know everyone is dying to make some ;)

I'll do a follow up after I have taken the plunge and tried it. First I have to figure out what an emulsifying slushy is and how to make sheep casings!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

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