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Thursday, December 1, 2011

A fond memory....

I don't often post about myself in particular, but I couldn't resist tonight. I received an email from my oldest sister today. I am one of eight, the youngest of eight to be exact. We are a big Irish/Italian Catholic family. The email that she sent me is a talk that she is giving for the Catholics Come home program at a church near her. The talk was regarding her reversion into our church. She told of her story about how she left her faith and then came home. It was full of tidbits from her childhood, I say her childhood and not our childhood because she is 18 years older than me and we didn't share a childhood. I shared a childhood with her two children :) Anyway, one of the stories, well many of the stories, but one in particular put a smile on my face. Though we didn't share a childhood we do have the same parents. My parents are AMAZING individuals! Both of them! They have been married 50 years! 50 years!!! They attend church EVERY day at 6 am. For a short time while at the community college I went with them a week out of every month, when I was a lector. For all of you non-catholics ;) a lector is someone who reads the "stories" at mass. Mass is the celebration that occurs in those buildings called churches haha I'm cracking myself up.....Gosh! I digress! Okay so the story... she told about how my wonderful father fed her faith by exposure to helping others, among many other things. When we were kids my dad drove the parish school bus from the church to the retirement home down the street from us, to pick up the "old folk" as we called them to take them to Sunday Mass. This was a trip!!! He would ALWAYS take us the "bumpy" way home if we were good in church. The bumpy way was driving down the alley haha. It was the city, we had alleys. This was something I really enjoyed doing with my Dad! It was a memory I had almost forgotten that I am so happy she stirred up! I hope there are things that we do with our own kids that they will be able to treasure the way I treasure those Sunday bumpy rides with the "old folk".

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