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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My cupcakes are being asked back :)

You may remember that I sent cupcakes to school with J for her Halloween party. I was quite nervous about the approval they may/may not get from the typical 3 year olds. I made them with the Gooey Chocolate Cake recipe I posted a while back. I was looking in J's take home folder yesterday and there was a request form for the Christmas celebration asking for the cupcakes for 23 students. I was touched that the teacher is going out of her way to make sure J has a treat that the other students will be eating along side of her. I am pretty sure that is the reason she requested them and not the sheer deliciousness of the actual cupcake. Maybe I will go buy Christmas cupcake wrappers and Christmas decorations. I wonder if they sell Christmas tree rings like spider rings for Halloween. How do you make cake pops??? Maybe that is an option :)

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