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Monday, September 12, 2011

Are you prepared for the unexpected???

On the way to work this morning my thoughts wandered to emergency preparedness (I drive an hour+). Thinking of this made me realize that I need to get moving to create an emergency kit!!! Allergy moms do not have the luxury of a grab and go life style. This spills over to natural disasters and such. I started brain storming of what I could put into mine. You would think eczema would be the last thing on my mind at a time like that, but it's the first. If j or m started eating things they were allergic to their skin would start to itch and eventually open for bacteria to feast. This leaves me lost as to what I can put into my kit given the amount of foods and preservatives that make j flare. Here is what I came up with (with the help of my lunch ladies): water, flaxseed crackers, canned veggies and canned fruit. What about meat???? Am I crazy? Do you think of these things? What happens if an emergency were to take place while I'm at work 30 miles away from my kids? What happens if j gets stuck at school? What will they feed her? Just packing to go on a weekend trip is a task.
Boy this is an overwhelming topic!

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