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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Is this a Kevin Bacon movie???

This week, while having a regular therapy session in the lounge at work, my friend said "It's the six degrees of separation with this kid!!!" By this kid, she meant my daughter J and by six degrees of separation she was referencing her allergies. Unfortunately I think food could be traced to her allergies in a whole lot less than 6 steps, probably more like 2!!! I am pretty sure that every dish or recipe would have at least 1 ingredient J can't have or an ingredient with an ingredient that she can't have. As the mom to a 3 year old this realization takes humor, because if not humor it would bring me uncontrolled sobs for what she is missing..... This morning, while "enjoying" her biscuits that were made with love for her last night, she says "these aren't too yucky mommy" and continues to chew and smile. Shortly after she requests a drink while making a yucky face and choking down the rest of her biscuit. All the while I'm giving myself a pep talk about how healthy she will be in her life due to the nutritious foods she does get to eat. How I shouldn't try to fit her diet (square peg) into a round hole (standard American diet).  She is a thriving, happy, smart, sweet child who is learning good healthy eating habits!!!  AND, though slowly, we are winning the fight her immune system is having on her skin!!This is the angel on one shoulder while the devil on the other is asking "what the hell is she going to trick or treat for next month?!?!" Most days the angel wins and I am completely motivated and committed to this life style. Some days I get so flustered and overwhelmed and the devil jumps from my shoulder to my brain and shouts "let's just give her the drugs!!! The side effects can't be worse than this!!!" the reality check and referee in this freak show is the realization, while watching her blissfully devour a "j cupcake" with hypoallergenic chocolate chips on the side is... This is my own issue within! She really IS happy, thriving, smart, sweet and learning amazing eating habits that will hopefully help her get through life's REAL challenges!