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Monday, September 19, 2011

Beyond repair???

I recently finished a book called "autoimmune epidemic." I found it very eye opening and thought provoking. If you know me you probably know that this is not always a good thing, in my case. One part of the book laid out the breadth of what we encounter that would be called "endocrine disruptors"on a typical day. This included, but was not limited to: diesel exhaust, cleaning fumes, cosmetic products, plastic food containers, Teflon coatings, BPAs, lawn fertilizers, pesticides, hormones and this didn't even include what we eat and drink! It made me realize how far we have gotten from the land. What we eat, what we drink, how we live and what we no longer do. The sheer amount of garbage generated from one meal at home is astounding. I recently read a blog about Americans losing all the skills that once made life possible for everyday people. Take me for instance... I don't know how to sew, I don't ever iron, I didn't have any idea how to can, am on a mission to figure out my own chicken/beef/veggie stock. But we never have time to take the time to do anything!!! I want to make a quilt darn it!!! But my main issue is with all of the charities and research funds for diabetes, cancer and such looking for a cure. The cure is in prevention! The cure is keeping pharmaceuticals out of our water, keeping carcinogens off of our skin and out of our bodies. The cure is cooking and eating foods that can be traced back to the earth in which we live and not labs or factories engineering ingredients that closely resemble something edible. If a food has a long list of ingredients chances are there is more than one carcinogen on that list and if not a GMO. When are we as a nation going to demand more for ourselves? When are we going to stop the big M from taking our land from farmers that want to cultivate it for nutrient rich harvest and replacing it with crops that have been genetically altered?!?! Are we too far gone as a group to reclaim our health?

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