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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Nail clippings...ewwwww!!!!!

I started my day at a middle school in my district. Since I am not a classroom teacher I do not have a classroom. I had to start my consult time in the lounge for lack of a better place. While I was checking emails and setting up my consult plan I heard a strange clicking noise. I looked over at the person I recognized to be a district sub clipping his finger nails sitting on the other side of the room. This sheer fact that he carried a nail clipper grossed me out. But that he also found it acceptable to do it where people eat made me wonder what kind of people the district hires as subs. He did not catch the clippings in anything and certainly didn't throw them away. Before I got carried away and said something to him I quickly remembered my father carrying a clipper and clipping his nails anywhere he saw fit as well. I also remembered a day when I stood in line at CVS and witnessed a man clipping his nails with a clipper he was about to pay for and letting the clippings drop to the floor. Then I thought to myself that I must be the crazy one and this must be acceptable practice, at least to men. When didn't become okay to groom oneself anywhere and leave the clippings as souvenirs?

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