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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I've been deceived!!!

I was slaving away on dinner tonight when I received a very devastating phone call from my nephew (I'm being dramatic). He called to inform me about the results of the inquiry he made on Agave "Nectar". I was very surprised and very embarrassed by his report. Apparently Agave is pretty much the equivalent if not worse that HFCS. HFCS has a 55% fructose load and Agave has a 70%. This is obviously not the only factor, but a huge one since fructose has such a high impact on our health. Now I have been religiously using Agave in my coffee, baking and much more since I saw it on Weelicious a while back  and thought it was such a better option. It just goes to show you that you must must must do your own exploring when it comes to healthy options and whole foods are the only way to go. Looking into the production process of a product is very important as well! I have changed all my posted recipes to reflect this discovery. Here is further information on Agave:

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