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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Your preschooler eats what for lunch????

Today at lunch with the girls in the lounge, I was asked what J's school lunch looked like today. Today her lunch was packed in a Bento box. One section was full of flax crackers (flaxseed, mustard powder, onion and garlic powder, apple cider vinegar), a grassfed beef patty, some carrots and a plum. I also included an applesauce and a "J" muffin for her morning and afternoon snack. I can tell you right now she will come home today with the burger patty still intact, a couple of carrots and a slice or two of her plum. My daughter will consume just about anything within reason while at home. But she is high maintenance as far as wanting her food heated. She most likely is not touching the burger because it is not hot. Who could blame her? The ladies at lunch recommended requesting her burger to be heated. This sounds to me like a good solution. But does this make me one of "those moms" or is this an appropriate accommodation for a child who gets "interesting" lunches? A 504 plan came up out of humor because we are all special education teachers, but this may actually be in her future. Just not while she is attending a private pre-school. :) So after this conversation I thought to myself that this has got to be my next mission (along with the cake).  A new addition to my goals is to come up with better lunch options for J. She needs to open her lunch box and be excited for what is inside. Tonight she helped me put her lunch together for tomorrow. In one section she had a veggie and roast mix. One section had her flax crackers and the last section had 2 "j" muffins. Hopefully I can come up with more recipes to create her lunches. I wonder if she could tolerate sunflower seed butter????


  1. Don't feel bad, I'm "that" mom right there with ya! My boys go to school with some fun lunches, I wish we could afford the bento boxes! And honestly, more people are choosing healthy, organic and even raw eating these days, she won't be the only one in school eating that way.

  2. My mother in law bought hers :). Ziplock has a food alternative that is cheaper. I found a good pancake and granola recipe I will post soon after I finish tweaking it!!! I started adding vanilla to the muffins!! Can you message me some of the things you pack for "main dishes"?? Thanks :)

  3. *good not food alternative... I was typing on my phone sorry ;)