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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Not on the white couch!!!!

Over the weekend we went to a really cute tavern for dinner with my nephew and his girlfriend so that we could see their new place. J must have really liked the choice for dinner because she inhaled hers as though someone was going to snatch it away. After dinner we went to see the new place. The first thing I noticed was the cute couch and it's stark white appearance. I was thinking how nice it must be to buy something so bright and light without worrying what's in store for the color, or lack there of :). Well j and m immediately fell in love with their new bed because it is one of those close to the floor beds. J was having a blast and doing forward rolls. She then calmed down a bit and came by me, I was cautiously sitting on the new white couch. She starts to pick up a similar color of the couch. Her lips a little pale, her face as white as the couch, then she said "mommy my neck hurts." I immediately start thinking she has fractured it in a forward roll and need to take her to the ER. Halfway through this thought J starts puking up the dinner she scarfed down 30 min prior. I am mortified at the amount coming out all over the new living room floor(wood thank god). Happy to report (J being a trooper yet again) only gets a speck on the white couch. Later that night I find out that my dear nephew was turning her upside down and flipping her on the bed and my guilt quickly diminishes!!! So lesson learned dear nephew... White couches are for catalogs :) 

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