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Friday, September 16, 2011

Hypocondrical??? Me??? No way ;)

Today during my lunching we got on the topic of my dear sweet hubby dropping a CFL bulb right in front of my pantry and SWEEPING it up. I expressed my extreme outrage in a very calm way to the lunching group. We discussed the protocol of an accident with a CFL and how I would have expected him to call in the HAZMAT suits. This got us to talking about mercury thermometers which veered into a very comical story of one of my friends and her experience with biting and breaking a thermometer, and the lesson learned by the repercussions. (I'm still laughing) Anyway, then another friend discussed the thermometer she has and how it is infra red and I immediately thought YIKES! What does infra red do with repeated exposure. So then I got to thinking: I don't own a microwave, I put my cell phone on the other side of the bed out of worry, I know the American Cancer Society's list of known human carcinogens by heart, I look up every cosmetic product on the database and won't use hand sanitizer out of fear of a superbug.... Does this make me crazy or an informed person looking out for the health of my family? Sometimes I wonder if I am one of those people who are mentally ill and don't know it. Am I having unknown conversations with multiple personalities? Do I create my own normal and think I am living in reality when I am really a paranoid person? I should start wearing my brother-in-laws shirt that says "I live in my own little world...but it's okay, they know me here."


  1. Don't worry Munch, we love you even though you are crazy!!!!!