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Monday, September 26, 2011

Vegan nieman marcus cookies....FAIL

Yesterday was Sunday, on Sundays we have dinner at our house with Grandma and Grandpa. I decided to try a cookie with sugar in it for the girls for a special treat. I even took J with me to the store to get her special chocolate chips. We were so excited...J because anything with chocolate chips warrants excitement and me at the prospect of a Nieman Marcus cookie I can eat :) Well I printed the recipe and made the substitutions I needed, it was actually only the oat flour for wheat flour since it was a vegan recipe. They used applesauce for the egg and oil for the butter. I thought wow this is going to be great. So I followed the recipe to the T and when I went to switch the tray from top to bottom the cookies had slowly joined forces into one gigantic mass of goo. As I was cursing the creator of the recipe for not having enough dry for the wet ingredients. I was thanking God for my husband's bad habit of stealing my baking pans for his protein bars in the freezer and leaving them in there even after all the bars are eaten. Had he NOT done this I would have put all my "eggs in one basket" and baked it all at once and ruined the whole bowl. But since I was too lazy to go get the pans he left empty in the freezer I was baking them in shifts on one pan and added more flour to the rest of the dough. Thank goodness this worked and it ended up not so bad. The result was a pretty tasty chewy cookie that would definately be much better if J could tolerate grapeseed oil instead of olive oil. Gosh do I hate that taste of olive oil in something that is supposed to be sweet!!! This is definately a recipe that I will continue to play with and post when I get it right!

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