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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Biscuits outta WHAT?!?!?!

After three weeks of inconsistent lunch consumption on J's part I have stooped to an interesting low ;).  Trying to make her lunch tonight, with her after school attitude in mind, was difficult. She is a BEAR to say the least. Why???? Because she only eats the fruit in her lunch. The meat apparently has become boring. So tonight, right now, I am baking a biscuit for my girl to try to lighten her mood tomorrow. Whats in it you say. Quinoa and oat flour, baking soda, garlic powder, salt, oil and soy milk/water. YIKES!!! I try to do my gluten free baking without the xanthum gum and guar gum. 1 because the thought of how xanthum gum is created is a little weird, 2 it can have traces of corn and 3 I have no idea what guar gum is except it can have a laxative affect. I have a feeling after trying these biscuits I may want to adventure into exploring these two options no matter how much they freak me out! This GFCF baking is an interesting journey!

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