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Saturday, September 24, 2011


So after much thought and brainstorming by my BFF and I, Halloween has been solved. The other day my friend texted me with the idea of melting J's hypoallergenic chocolate chips into lollipop moulds. We will be making Halloween suckers and ordering some allergy free candies from for J for Halloween. The only caveat is that she will not be receiving these treats from the houses that she runs to on Halloween. I will be carrying them and dropping them into her treat bag while her friend receives hers from the neighbors who are handing them out. This is okay right?? She is participating and will be going home with loot regardless right?!?!?! This is a huge leap from not having any options. I googled allergy friendly candies and came up and they actually have candy that doesn't have rice, corn, wheat or dairy!!!! I was beyond excited and actually found about 5 options for her. Not to mention Grandma is making a 100% cotton costume!!! She will be so excited!!! Cross it off the to do list :)

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