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Thursday, September 15, 2011


In the middle of the night I woke to M waking for a night nursing (yes I still nurse her, eye roll) and was so excited for the morning to come to get my free starbucks. I ordered a latte with all the bells and whistles since it was free, soy milk of course, because of M’s allergies and my milk ;). I unfortunately got the wrong drink. I didn’t realize till I was half done that it was NOT my latte or my SOY milk!!! I am now on the verge of a nervous break down because I face the choice… which makes me a worse mom???? I nurse her still and give her an allergic reaction or not nurse her(weaning) to avoid the reaction and give in to the pressure. The pressure being that I not only still nurse my 15 month old (ewwww!!!) but I nurse her when she wakes at night (GASP!!!)
The more I think about this, it brings on my cascade of related thinking. For instance, our lounge discussion today revolved around milking. Many thoughts on milking, one being the outrage by one of my friends, when she heard a farmer gave a pig a cow’s milk to fatten them up. OMG!!! She said, they gave a pig a cow’s milk, how weird is that. UMMMMM, hello, if you open a large percentages of human fridges you will find a whole gallon of milk squeezed out of an udder of a half ton animal!!! I find this outrage ironic ;). The second thought was on how crazy it is when I get reactions to nursing my 15 month old. She is not 5, and she is small for her age, and she is drinking her mommy’s milk. Why is that gross? The third thought I had was about how crazy it is that breast milk is such a controversial thing. Husbands are grossed out about breast milk, people hate to touch breast milk and a debate still exists to some people about if breast milk is appropriate for babies. HELLO!!!! I am pretty sure logic is on my side. Human milk, human babies! No argument there! Women’s breasts were designed for that reason. Whether you believe in God or not, the designer of the female body was equipped with a way to feed its young!!! Anyway, soap box over! Point is why are people grossed out over human milk and not the milk from a half ton animal with saggy nips?!?!?!
Disclaimer: Everyone has the right to feed their child whatever milk they want and I do not begrudge anyone for using formula if that is what they need to do! Just do the same for me and know that yes I will nurse my baby until I figure out what I can do after to keep her healthy :)

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