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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Avocados,Parties and Healing

Every day is a new lesson when it comes to the ins and outs of my kids' allergies. Yesterday we learned something new about J's....she is indeed allergic to avocados. They were on our "maybe" list and moved to the definitely list when she hived, swelled and turned all red after eating one with lunch. It is always so awful to watch her go through such a horrible experience, but she is doing better and better coping. We had read that people who are allergic to bananas (J is) are most likely also allergic to avocado, but we hadn't seen the proof like we did yesterday. She was incredibly uncomfortable, we cuddled and then she got over it. Oh how I wish she didn't have to experience the trauma!
On a positive note we decided to go to a BBQ at one of our friend's houses. I have been subconsciously avoiding these situations for many reasons, but decided to give it a try. We got all of our food ready and headed over. In the past J would be completely attached at the hip to either T or myself. She would freak out about going even 2 inches from her and would go into panic mode if we left the room. This was even around family at family parties. She was manic and paranoid over noises, she would cry if even one person laughed "at" her when she was being cute (even my hubby). Well I am happy to report that she was all over everyone today! She giggled, played, ran around and even said out loud in a group that one of my hubby's friends was "cute". She flirted, played hide and seek and let many other people hold her. She did not have any desire about keeping tabs on where mommy was and didn't notice or care when I went in the house to go to the ladies' room. She was the center of attention a couple of times when the whole group laughed "at" her for being so cute, though she was a little uncomfortable with it, she just smiled and moved on. She ate her dinner and her own dessert and didn't care when she was not allowed to eat the corn chips. When she started to get itchy because we were outside the whole time she made her own "accommodations". I am so proud and so lucky to have such sweet and amazing little ladies! I am so thankful that she enjoyed herself and is now passed out because of her expended energy :)

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