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Monday, October 17, 2011

Safe Probiotic (hopefully)...

Recently I have realized that some of the supplements that my girls take can also cause flares. WOW! How I didn't realize the degree an allergy or two or 100 can affect your life. Cross contamination, derivatives, petry dishes and more are all considerations I never would have thought I would be thinking about. But an allergy is NOT just removing the burger from the bun as I once had thought. I digress ;)....I am happy, elated beyond words!!! That I have found what looks like a "safe" probiotic. It is not grown on soy, milk, rice it is free of wheat, dairy, yeast, sugar and starch! I ordered it and am crossing my fingers that I didn't just spend an arm and a leg for something that will give my one year old red cheeks and red tushie and my three year old itchy skin!!! I have tried just about every kind at my local health food store and have called just about every online retailer and have not had any success. I think this is the key! There are only two ingredients besides the probugs themselves and the plant capsule that I will be emptying anyway. Here is to hoping!!! AND here is the website that has a great supply of vitamins and supplements that are "hypoallergenic" whatever that means ;)|Pro-Bio%20Gold%E2%84%A2%20Hypoallergenic-Kirkman%20Labs

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