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Monday, October 10, 2011

The things I wish I had figured out sooner.....

Why is it that doctors seem to have such gaps in knowledge? It is though they lack global knowledge of health. The one thing that sticks out in my mind the most is our first pediatrician that told me J couldn't possibly have allergies....really? wow! pretty genius!!! So the following is a rambling of what I wish the doctors would have known, told us or get through their thick prescribing skull!!!
-Eczema is NOT "no big deal" or normal! Especially to the toddler waking up with bloody sheets and the mom watching her child squirm in her own skin! It IS related to allergies way more than they will ever give credit too.
-Diet and nutrition can heal not only harm you!
-Antihistamines, steroids and cortisone only cover up the root of the problems related to hives and eczema and not well.
-Allergies present themselves in so many different ways (eczema, hives, rhinitis, OCD, ADHD) and allergies can exacerbate even more.
-Elimination diets/exposure, not lab/skin tests are the only really accurate way to test for food allergies.
-People can actually have an allergy to anything!! ANYTHING!
-Eczema can be brought on by food allergies and environmental allergies together, it doesn't have to be one or the other.
-Calcium deficiencies can have a big impact on skin health at least for J.
-Digestions/gut health directly affects overall health in every way possible.
-Just because a box says organic, natural, fortified or whole grain doesn't mean its healthy.
-Night time is a nightmare and benedryl doesn't work for everyone!
-People can react to preservatives in everything.
-Environmental allergens can make food allergy reactions worse and visa versa.

These have been great lessons and I am sure I will learn many more to come. I wish everyone who presents with eczema would immediately be referred to a good allergist!

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