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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Natural parenting and me...

I have, for a while now, been obsessively reading about more crunchy topics. It started about 8 years ago and has gotten progressively broader since having kids. I find myself reading blogs, websites about "natural parenting" because these mothers/authors seem to be "crunchy". I have lots in common with their lifestyles. One thing I didn't consider common is the gentle parenting aspect. I, to be honest, thought it was a cop out. A downfall of society if you will, parents too easy on their kids no boundaries. I always skipped over the posts or topics on this item. I let J cry it out at times, regret it! I have yelled, spanked, put in time out and lost my cool on occasions, regret it! I read a post recently that made me think differently. Maybe I am changing, maybe I just never really read too much about the topic. But this post made me think. Now I am not saying that I will never put my child in time out or give them genuine and reasonable consequences, but this opened my eyes to a different thought. If I am so willing to move the ends of the earth to help my girls heal from the inside out why can't I take the same time in parenting them with a little more gentleness and understanding of something they may be trying to communicate? I am not saying when J is physically restraining her BFF G after touching her toys that I won't give her consequences, but maybe try to prevent it more and understand why she flips when friends enter her domain. Sometimes I let the day get to me and lose it. I hate feeling guilty about an interraction with my girls that didn't go the way it should have. This happens way to often. It is very easy to get frustrated with two little girls who are already heightened sensory wise due to allergies and itchiness, but add their stubborn personalities and I'm a goner! But alas, I have another item to add to my to do list......stop, listen and learn about what is driving my kids behaviors and start there!!! Thank you to
for a different perspective!

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