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Monday, October 24, 2011

The emotion piece....

I can't be true to myself or the concept of the title of my blog without sharing the lesson I learned today. So as ashamed as I am here it goes....I was reflecting on last night with J. She was up for four straight hours. Most of it she was not scratching, but some of it she was and I felt terrible for her. I did a search today for relief of night time scratching. I found a website regarding the itch/scratch cycle and was surprised at its content. I have always thought there was an emotional piece to J's scratching. She flares during emotion and gets emotional when she flares. The book is called Skin Deep and was written by a Harvard Clinical Professor of Psychology. He studies and specializes in allergies and major skin disorders. I am committed after reading the excerpts available online from this book, to concentrate on making sure my child does not feel the way the young woman in the attached excerpt felt.

For anyone who watches their child suffer through the itching spells related to eczema, working on the concepts in this book are in my opinion worth a try! Gosh I wish all the good resources weren't based on the east coast!

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