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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The page that has EVERYTHING :)

I find myself having lots of new "passions" new goals as well as obsessions. It is so hard to start learning new things because then you are stuck with the proverbial "open bag of worms." I suppose this is why people live status quo and don't try too hard to make improvements. It is all VERY overwhelming and I have no idea where to start sometimes. I still can't seem to make the plunge everywhere for everything, but do try hard to live "globally" better. Obviously I am not perfect! In a search for something else today I stumbled upon a post by The Healthy Home Economist and WOW!!! It is a post that has all the resources that one may need for finding products that are good for feeding our families with real food. I love all the small stores involved in this resource! I'm also hopefully downloading half of her recommended reading list for my commute! Thanks Sarah!!!

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