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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Doc that rocks.....

We started with a new doctor a couple of weeks ago. He has an MD in pediatrics, but specializes in eastern medicine. He is an east meets west doc. Well he prescribed a couple of things for J and one is probiotics and one is calcium magnesium. The calcium for two she doesn't take in any type of dairy and two her skin really seems to respond to calcium. When she doesn't have it she goes on a downward spiral, when she does have it we see improvement. The only caveat is that J can't take just anything. She is allergic to both foods and preservative and ironically everything they grow bacteria/vitamins in or on are either corn, rice, wheat or dairy derived. This or they have a filler that is inulin (rice) maltodextrin (corn, rice). So we are in a pinch...the supplements help, but do they also flare?!?! Well the best news ever is that we found a new brand, the doctor and myself were on a mission. He took the time to email me three times today back and forth while we played detective. I called the company today and they assured me that the citrates were grown on corn, but all corn ingredients are removed and not likely to cause reactions. Same with the acsorbic acid, so we found a source for vitamin C since she can't have anything citrus. YAY!!!! I was so happy that he not only spent the time to help me, but he also affirmed the notion that I can have insight into my own child's health/behaviors. I appreciated his request for my knowledge in the search. It was almost like we were a team working together for Julia. This does not happen often! Anyway, here is a link to the website that is very allergy friendly when it comes to vitamins and supplements. Now if I could only find a source for safe probiotics.
The customer service at Pure Encapsulations were so nice, they transferred me right to a chemist who answered all my questions!

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