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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Far from covered!!!

I function under the notion that I have at least somewhat of a handle on my family's health. Well I was hit with a BIG awakening last night while going through my night time routine after pondering the content of this informational post (! I was washing my face with ProActive, brushing my teeth with Crest and putting Aveeno on my hands. None of these products rate lower than a 5 on the cosmetic database for sure! ( I was also thinking of my shower routine I am still using regular shampoo full of sulfates and regular soap as well as conditioner. I still wash my clothes in regular detergent, it is Arm and Hammer Free and clear. I do use house hold cleaners made by me with vinegar, baking soda, tea tree etc. But essentially I came to the conclusion that I have a long way to go to have everything covered as far as endocrine disruptors, cancer causers and safety in regards to autoimmune issues. How can I be so cognisant of what goes in our bodies' and not what goes on and around?!?! We have done the logical thing for autoimmune health in terms of food (GFDF), but there is SO much more! My goal is to start making changes one at a time. As each item runs out I will replace it with something home made by me or home made by someone or in a pinch made by a health food company. I have tried this before without success. I can't seem to go "no poo", it has taken a long time to get to where I am now just washing my hair every other day.  I just don't know if I will get there, but I am going to try a more natural approach. I also tried coconut oil for the face, but the problem lies within. I have to stay off sugar PERIOD! I also tried every natural/organic deodorant under the sun, my husband staged an intervention ;) But again the problem must lie within and I will search for the cause! So needless to say there will be more to come with my adventures in trying to think globally in terms of not only what we are eating, but what we are exposed to daily!

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  1. Thanks for linking to my post! I'm so glad it inspired you. It's scary stuff, but knowledge is power :-)