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Monday, October 3, 2011

Be still my heart!!

There is nothing better than coming up with ideas that please your children's taste buds and make you feel like you are providing them a little more "normalsy" even though this issue most likely lies with me and not them! Anyway, after brainstorming and playing around in the kitchen, I decided to make "chocolate candy" for the girls. It started with my friend's idea of chocolate suckers and her cute flower molds. Then I thought about making chocolate covered graham crackers (see recipe) yummy. Then asked her for silicone heart molds and YUMMY.  The combination of the crunchy Grahams in the solid chocolate is delish! I melted J's chocolate chips and was surprised at how well they melt and how good they hold up in a sucker and "candy". So needless to say we will be making some fun chocolate combinations in the future! The only change that needs to take place sooner rather than later is a trip to the store to by smaller silicone molds. The hearts are big and Mommy ends up eating them :) I see small chocolate candies in the girls' future!!

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