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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Vaccine saga continues....

On the way home from work yesterday my mind was cycling through the regular thoughts and I realized that I am supposed to have J's physical form in by Friday or no school on Monday. Yikes! What am I supposed to do. I don't have a pediatrician that is functional for me! My rockin Doc prefers that you have a primary care doctor so he likely won't do it! J's vaccination schedule is far from complete. We have had a long road with vaccines and I am not completely convinced that they have not played a role in her autoimmune issues, but that is another story. She started life on a select/delayed vax schedule and hasn't had a single one or a visit to our ped since 2. We stopped going to the ped after he told us she couldn't possibly have allergies. I was so overwhelmed by the lack of help I was getting regarding J's skin that I just gave up on the office. But now I am stuck!!! Need a physical and her vax records and the urgent care doesn't provide physicals to kids as young as her. So I swallow my issues and call the ped to get the goods. I figure, I can take it, just get the papers and go right?!?! Well lucky me!!! The latest appointment is with THE ped! THE ped that wouldn't write the referral to the allergist!!! THE ped that caused our switch to PPO!!! Oh man!!! Really??? I have to try to squeeze into the room with his ego??? Well I was pleasantly surprised. Yes, he did start with why  she hasn't gotten this? this? and this? But once I showed him pics of her reactions and discussed her reactions, he expressed the fact that he does not want to be the one administering vax to her. I would need to collaborate with the allergist. I just kept nodding and pretending that I was listening. But the fact that he provided me resources to try to find a vax that is more "hypoallergenic" was a baby step. I chose not to tell him that a needle containing a vax will not enter the same room as J at the very least until we figure out the rest of her puzzle! He said that she is about as bad as eczema gets at her worst and needs further research. In the end he was still pushing the darn things as well as delegating the research to someone else, but the attitude he had with me was so different. Are they (docs) really THAT bad? He honestly thinks these things are needed right???? He is not just pushing a profit?? Who knows!!! Regardless, even the most aggravating people have redeeming moments right???

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