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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween treat/goal achieved :)

I was able to pick up J from school today and stopped to ask the teacher a question. She was thankful because she wanted to ask what they heck we were going to do for J for the Halloween celebration. I told her I would send in chocolate suckers for her. When I got home I started feeling like this was not enough for her. I envisioned Halloween celebrations at my schools in the past and saw lots of cupcakes, cookies, candies and florescent colored icing!!! So when I got home I pulled out the recipes I had set aside to try for my cake baking goal. I was determined to achieve a chocolate cake that was at least edible. Well much to my surprise I made a moist brownie like cake that was so delicious I wanted to eat the whole thing. HOLY COW!!! M was inhaling everything I was giving her and J was trying to steal them as we were bringing them to our friends next door. She was "serving" them to grandma and grandpa and Auntie C when they stopped by. When I say "serving" I mean stuffing handfuls in her mouth as she was handing out crumbs to our visitors. I am BEYOND happy that we have found something edible that can be made into cake or cupcakes that she will be excited to eat while her friends eat cupcakes with neon orange frosting instead of staring longingly at theirs. I will go to the store and get some orange spider rings to go on top :) So success today equals goal met for baking an edible cake by Halloween as well as a happy preschooler at the party :). I will post the recipe in my pages!!

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