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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Vaccines Take I

Over the years vaccines have taken the spotlight in the media as well as parents’ minds. Many parents agonize over the decision to vaccinate or to not vaccinate. Many issues are covered in this one topic and I will not discuss them all. What I would like to do is to take a few posts here on my minuscule little blog just to provide information. It is our job to research or at the very least look into the ingredients of EVERYTHING that enters our bodies and weigh the pros and cons ourselves. This is what I am going to do. I am going to post periodically just the ingredients contained in the most commonly used vaccinations and include if it is or is not mandated for schools in Illinois. I myself have halted vaccinations for one main reason: INGREDIENTS used. Not only are my kids allergic to many, but also MANY should not be injected into the blood of ANY human, namely children!!! So I am not going to say anymore regarding stances on Vaccinations, just ingredient lists and one question: How can there be a middle ground for parents that want protection from some of these diseases if we can’t find sources for vaccines that are safe if we live in a environment that won’t even acknowledge the ingredients used??? There can be common ground, a gray area, if we acknowledge that there is a problem and everything we ingest in anyway can cause some type of reaction…positive or negative!
Here is a link to a video that somewhat covers both sides and is pretty eye opening:
Here are the ingredients included in MMR (required in Illinois) this info in my opinion should be handed to the parents to read while they are waiting for the doctor.
Active Ingredients:
weakened forms of the measles, mumps, and rubella viruses.
Inactive Ingredients:
Sorbitol- Slowly metabolized sugar alcohol
sodium phosphate- The salts used to mix two substances that would normally separate. Also used to cleanse colon before colonoscopy and recently found to do horrible damage in some cases to kidneys and bowels. (
potassium phosphate: Used as additive for PH levels

sucrose: Table sugar

sodium chloride: Main ingredient of table salt.

hydrolyzed gelatin: is also known as hydrolyzed collagen protein or HCP. It is derived from the building blocks of connective tissue. Hydrolyzed gelatin has been broken down by enzymes so that it can be more easily digested when used in dietary supplements and foods.

recombinant human albumin- Fetal cells of an elective abortion from 1962 used to grow the virus.

fetal bovine serum- Fetal bovine serum is the most widely used serum-supplement for the in vitro cell culture of eukaryotic cells. This is due to it having a very low level of antibodies and containing more growth factors, allowing for versatility in many different cell culture applications. Fetal bovine serum comes from the blood drawn from a bovine fetus via a closed system of collection at the slaughterhouse (aka abattoir). This is used to feed the cells during propagation.   

other buffer and media ingredients:

neomycin: An antibiotic


  1. I think it would be worth the research to study the relationship between using human cells in a vaccine and the autoimmune epidemic! I think it would be even more interesting to find out if j's GI issues, auto immune issues and egg allergy were just coincidentally brought to life immediately following her 1st and last MMR?!?!

  2. There is always going to be a segment of the population that is going to have to rely on the herd immunity effect for protection from diseases that they can't be vaccinated against. One of the benefits of nationalized health care is that in those countries, the risks vs. benefits of immunizations is compared. If the damages of vaccines cost more than the benefits from vaccination, then either the vaccine will be changed or not given. Kids are exposed to all sorts of toxins whether parents like it or not. Unless you have a reverse osmosis filter, your kids are drinking pesticides, birth control pills, antibiotics, psych meds, Viagra, and gasoline byproducts. I don't see the autoimmune epidemic being fixed by eliminating vaccines because there are hundreds of thousands of contributing factors. What I do know is that vaccine diseases are nasty and that many people who are against vaccines have not had experiences with those diseases. Imagine your infant going deaf from scarlet fever, paralyzed by polio, or dead from TB. Have you read the ingredient list for sunscreen? THAT is toxic and seeps into skin not much unlike an injection. Black girls are going through puberty as young as 2 because of all the estrogen-mimicing chemicals in their hair products because nappy hair is considered unfashionable. If we can't eliminate ALL the toxins in children, shouldn't life saving vaccines be on the end of the list of things to eliminate?

  3. Vaccines are such a personal decision. For us we opted to stop after research. Both my husband and I have a genetic malformation that 40% of the population have that gives you the predisposition to react to vaccinations. Our methylation cycle is about 70% less effective than someone without it. With the malformation comes lower levels of glutathione. The body's way of detoxing. This means the aluminum and other ingredients stick around longer. Our little one reacted to MMR. In my research of vaccines I have found that the risks of the unknown effects of the vaccines far out weigh their hypothetical protections in our situation. But I encourage everyone to do their own thorough analysis.