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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Cauliflower rice?!?!?!

My nephew and his girlfriend are pretty much Paleo and she is a vegetarian. Needless to say they eat really healthy! I am always getting new ideas from them. They spent the weekend here this past week and mentioned a new concept to me....cauliflower rice. J, and I think M are both allergic to rice and many other grains, so I was very interested to hear about it. I made it Sunday and it was DELISH. J LOVED it!!! She even finished the portion I packed in her Bento Box for lunch. My mother in law liked it as well and she doesn't eat cauliflower! Okay so here is what I did....

Cauliflower Rice:
-Break apart a head of cauliflower and add to food processor, or in my case Vitamix ;) (do in small portions if needed, depending on your tool)
-Add onion to taste, I used about a half
-Process till it resembles rice
-Put oil in pan and add mixture
-Saute with garlic, salt and pepper until desired texture is achieved

I served this as a side dish, but it would be awesome served just like rice. I am sure it would be delish as a southwestern dish :)

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