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Monday, November 28, 2011

Thankful Thanksgiving!!!

Thursday started our holiday marathon. It was GREAT! My mother in law made dinner this year like she always does, but this year she was cooking for one highly food allergic kid. I am very pleased to report that she did it with much success and delishousness!!! J had her first piece of bread since Easter. It was very tasty and she also made it into a stuffing. So for dinner J had: steak, sweet potato, acorn squash, stuffing, carrots, bread, stuffing, gravy and apple pie. She LOVED every minute of it!!! She also stayed clear!!! NO flare!!!! Not to mention my in laws took our dog Carmen a couple of months ago when we realized how reactive J was to her. She didn't even react to that. Granted Carmen was at T's cousin's house and the house was cleaned from top to bottom. But STILL!!!! She was fabulous!! We continued our Thanksgiving by driving five hours to see my side of the family. She remained clear! She hung out with all of her cousins all weekend, ate many meals there and remained flare free. She watched everyone eat a whole bunch of stuff she couldn't indulge in and didn't have one issue with any of it. We kept her happy with muffins, "cake", left over apple pie and the newest addition.....honey suckers! She was so happy to be with her cousins and so CLEAR!!! We had a great holiday and were so happy to get through our first food allergic holiday reaction free!!!

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