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Friday, November 18, 2011

Pizza is a.... Vegetable????

As Americans we assume that the government will uh.... Do what it's supposed to which is govern with the safety of the American people at the fore front. Stumbling upon an article that my niece directed me to today convinced me further, if that is possible, that they are failing miserably at their primary role. At one point I thought that if it is FDA, USDA, EPA approved it must be tested and safe....WRONG!!! Special interests, lobbying and profit driving has taken over our regulators, and hope in them, for me is lost! This article is further proof!

How do we stand behind a governing body with confidence that they will keep us safe when their business of the day is to make sure two tbsp of highly processed tomato paste on something that resembles pizza(I am a teacher and was a student, I know these pizzas well)will be classified as a vegetable and receive recognition in all areas as such? After all these pizzas are staples in school children's "nutritious" hot lunches.

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