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Sunday, November 20, 2011

What's the definition of cake??

In our house, aside from eating basically all whole foods, I bake something from scratch daily for our snacks/grains. This consists of making GF flour out of trader joe's GF oats and then creating a form of muffin, granola bar, cookie, crackers or pancakes. I was recently given a heart attack when the guy at tj's told me they couldn't get my oats in the other day :-/ I think he was wrong, thank god!!! Anyway, I went to do my baking yesterday and decided to make "granola bars". They are just oats, apple sauce, oil, vanilla and chocolate chips. NOT a big deal at all. Well when I gave J her snack she looked at it and then looked at me with a huge smile and said "are there chocolate chips in this cake mommy?" I told her yes and she said "it's delicious mommy!" she called it cake all day yesterday and today. I would like to know how this kid stays so positive with her eating patterns???? I guess if you define cake as anything in a cake dish, as long as it has chocolate chips it will do!!! I. LOVE. MY. J :)

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