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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My aha moment number 1

We have been really lucky this year with J's school and their full participation in her food allergy avoidance. We were very spoiled last year with a day care provider that rocks. She was willing to support us in ANY way she could in a very long journey that changed moment to moment.....LITERALLY!!! She never asked a single question as to why we were doing anything, just listened, did and helped try to piece together J's puzzle. So we had big shoes to fill this year. We had our first slip up on Friday. She somehow got a couple of pieces of popcorn from her "neighbor" across the table :-( She flared and had a couple very loose BMs. But it was probably for a good cause. We were able to realize how sensitive she is to corn, which is her lowest reaction in the RAST. She didn't flare as bad as she has in the past, so I am hoping her reactions start to decrease! But with this reaction brought my looking into the corn allergy deeper. I figured I had most things under control.....uh WRONG! The soap we have been using on her since birth, corn! The vanilla extract that I put into a vast majority of our baked goods, corn! Not to mention her antihistamine! Even her "safe" chocolate chips have been known to cause reactions in the really sensitive! My biggest aha moment was when I went to look at her toothpaste with the corn derivative sheet I noticed it has banana and strawberry extract! HELLO!!! How did I miss this??? Maybe we would have more time in between flares if I could get my act together with these sneaky ingredients! I guess I better look into home made toothpaste next!

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