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Monday, November 21, 2011

Vaccines take III

Hep B:
Aluminum Hydroxyphosphate Sulfate, Potassium Aluminum Sulfate:

When this vaccine is given at birth it contains levels of Aluminum that are 20 times higher than what is considered by the FDA as safe!
See Unfoiling Aluminum for more information

Amino Acids, Mineral salts, Dextrose:

Why are sugars, amino acids, and proteins added to some vaccines?
These materials may be added as stabilizers.  They help protect the vaccine from adverse conditions such as the freeze-drying process, for those vaccines that are freeze dried.  Stabilizers added to vaccines include: sugars such as sucrose and lactose, amino acids such as glycine or the monosodium salt of glutamic acid and proteins such as human serum albumin or gelatin. 

Formaldehyde or Formalin: See Vaccines take I and II

Soy Peptone, Yeast Protein:
These are both used to grow and feed the virus.

Two key points:
One, it is interesting to look at the ingredients in comparison to the main goal of Aluminum use in a vaccine (Refer to unfoiling Aluminum) and see the connection of them to the top 8 allergens.
Two, please read the attached pdf from think twice and do further research if you are not convinced of the dangers of the levels of aluminum we are ingesting and injecting.

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