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Saturday, November 12, 2011

The need to feed!!!

Disclaimer: this may just be a rant!!! I am including myself in these actions that will be described. I am simply stating an observation of our times!!! I took the girls to the mall today to ride a little train they have next to the play area. We were excited that we got to wave to Santa, listen at a storytime and make a little craft as a bonus. But because of all the things that were going on today there were kids galore. As best practice in our house we usually eat a snack before we leave. They can't really eat anything prepackaged so it is just easier this way. Since switching our eating life style around I have noticed the need to feed in our country. You will NOT go ANYWHERE where there are kids and moms and not see tons of snack type foods being given to kids all over the place. We have the need to entertain with food. This goes beyond just bringing lunch to save money. 9/10 diaper bags across America contain a traveling pantry! These magic bags would probably feed a small country in a nuclear fallout!!! Sometimes this traveling diner gets me in to trouble with the girls because the snack options are usually visually appealing to all kids, mine are not immune. J has gotten pretty good about not asking. She is surprisingly aware of what makes her itchy and wants to genuinely avoid it. That being said I really need to come up with some travel easy treats for them! Cause let's face it this need to feed obsession on the part of mom's across America is not going to go away and neither is the sudden hunger that strikes j right after seeing kids all around eating vibrantly colored foods!! Even if she has just eaten a huge breakfast.

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