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Monday, November 14, 2011

The little one learns fast...

They always say that the youngest doesn't talk as fast, as often or as well as the oldest did. But I am not sure "they" are right. Sure M doesn't say three word phrases at 17 months like J did, but there really isn't a moment of the day that we don't know what she wants or thinks she needs. I have decided to speak a little about my little M. Sometimes my little M gets left in the shadow because her bigger sister has more obvious needs and demands more attention. I just call it a learning curve and M has learned :) She is/was our easy going flexible child and she still is to some degree. She can entertain herself if she wants to, has less known food allergies and we aren't always watching her with baited breath for the itching to begin. But M sure has learned how to play the game. She has recently found a passion for having books read to her. She finds ANY book and brings it over and hands it to whoever is handy, grunts and then resorts to yelling if you don't immediately pick her up, sit her on your lap and start reading. She points to everything within the pages and tries to name it as best as she can. She has also learned how to get her sister's goat. She knows where every single one of J's buttons are and will push every single one of them until she gets the desired result. It is actually pretty funny to watch. Lately when I bake I give the girls the opportunity to lick the bowl. I put it on the floor (civilized I know) and give them both a utensil. I never give M the right one, she always wants J's. She also "needs" to have full control of the bowl and will not let J take it. I am not real sure how the powers have changed, but I am loving to watch the growth of our little power house! I am not quite sure where my two girls have gotten their need to control the situation ;)

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