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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The white T may be the end of me!

We all have our own obsessions, my dear husband's just happens to be his white T's.  I have never seen anything quite like it and I don't know whether to be completely crazy about it or thankful. On one hand they are EVERYWHERE and on the other hand it makes for a cheap wardrobe :). I think this past summer he may have bought 10 packs of white T shirts. He is kind of the jack of all trades so he is always working on something that makes him dirty, so inevitably it makes the white, not so white. This doesn't stop him....going out shirt, oh I'll just go buy another pack! The problem this causes is drawers overflowing with WHITE. V-NECK. T-SHIRTS!!! AHHHHHH!! :) Well good news!!! A dream of upcycling the white/not so white T has come to me. J's obsession is her beautiful art work! She loves to color and has started to want to color on things she shouldn't. I have decided that I will cut the T's that are over flowing into squares and give J a new canvas. Then I will take these squares and learn to sew. I will then hopefully create a beautiful quilt for J. And the good news.....white T's are 100% cotton!!!!

Now who is going to teach me ;)

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