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Monday, November 7, 2011

A turkey carcass, you shouldn't have :)

I spend the majority of my life thinking, talking, obsessing over allergies, hives and eczema. I research, read and obsess over as much information and possibilities that I can get my hands on! This obsession pours over into every facet of my life. This is including, but not limited to my lunch room discussions with the girls at work. They hear everything whether they want to or not ;) It is actually why I started blogging. I wanted to therapize myself as well as keep all my thoughts and obsessions in one place. And hopefully cut down on some of the allergy talk to the poor people I work, live and socialize with on a daily basis. Seriously even the Trader Joe's and Whole Foods checkers hear about it. I know I am crazy and obsessive, but hey, the first step is admitting you have a problem. Anyway, my point is that I have discussed many things with my favorite lunch ladies. One of the topics includes my desire to feed J more broth to help heal her gut. So this brings me to a text I received last night from one of my friends at work. "I made a turkey breast tonight. Want me to save the carcass for you?" My response "YES!!! PLEASE!!! Thanks so much for thinking of me :)" I immediately reflected on this conversation. When people I know think of me and a nice thought it is (I was actually very thankful), they are thinking turkey carcasses!!! HILARIOUS!!!

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