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Sunday, November 6, 2011


It has been since Easter since we have started our alternative care journey with J and her skin and let me just say we have come a long way!!! We have been through many ups and downs and lots of emotions. She is the strongest little girl I have ever met. She has the kindest heart and the spirit of a warrior. She has spent much of the last year having many many restless nights and lots of tears. Baths have been a terror and lotion applications have been something out of a horror film. Some days I have felt like she was in a strait jacket trapped in her itchy body screaming to get out. She has had her diet restricted too many times to count and has gone on the journey with a positive attitude and a loving heart. I could not have asked God for a bigger blessing in my oldest daughter. I thank God everyday for giving me a child who could endure these challenges and still have a gleam in her eye and a hop in her step. I love my little J and am so happy to say she has had three restful, peaceful nights of sleep in a row. I pray to God that this is just a sign of what is to come for our little girl. Not too long ago I posted some before pix of J's skin at its worst (see The Journey Continues...)
  and today I am going to post a couple at its best. These were taken today.


  1. Just amazing!! J is so lucky to have such amazing and detrmined parents to do what is best for her and be dedicated to healing her!! Her skin looks beautiful!

  2. Thank you! We are lucky to have the support system that we do! We could not have come this far with her without the help of family and friends and people willing to be talked to death about diet, allergies and eczema hahahaha!